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Chinese power generation reached 522TWh in September, up 5.3% y-o-y

According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese power generation reached 522TWh in September, down 12.2% m-o-m but still was 5.3% higher y-o-y. Thermal power output declined to 362.3TWh, down 15.9% m-o-m and down 0.5% y-o-y. Hydroelectric generation totalled 112.2TWh, down 3.9% m-o-m but still was 18.6% higher y-o-y.

Chinese nuclear power generation totalled 21.9TWh in September, down 4.8% m-o-m but still was 21.9% higher y-o-y.

In terms of renewable generation, both wind and solar output increased in September. Wind generation increased to 20TWh, up 9.3% m-o-m and up 36.8% y-o-y; while solar generation raised to 5.6TWh, up 1.8% m-o-m and up 25.2% y-o-y.


China produced 4,689TWh of electricity over the first 9 months of the year, up 6.4% y-o-y. Thermal power generation increased to 3,452TWh, up 6.4% y-o-y. Hydroelectric generation increased to 814.7TWh, up 0.3% y-o-y. Nuclear generation increased to 184.7TWh, up 18.8% y-o-y. Wind and solar generation increased to 191.9TWh and 47TWh respectively, up 21% and 31.6% y-o-y.

Source: NBS

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