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DATA: Japanese power generation expands in H117, up 2.7% y-o-y

Japanese power generation totalled 67.6TWh in June, up 3.4% m-o-m but still was 3.2% lower y-o-y. Thermal power generation totalled 56.3TWh, up 6.4% m-o-m but still was 6.6% lower y-o-y. This includes coal-fired generation, which increased to 22.6TWh, up 11.6% m-o-m and up 6.5% y-o-y. Gas-fired generation totalled 27.8TWh, up 3.6% m-o-m but still was 11.5% lower y-o-y.

Renewable generation totalled 7.7TWh, down 19.2% m-o-m and was only 0.4% higher y-o-y. This is mostly due to the fall in hydro generation, which declined to 6.4TWh, down 20.8% m-o-m and down 3.7% y-o-y. Power generation from other renewables such as wind, solar and biomass totalled 1.3TWh, down 10.1% m-o-m but still was 28.1% higher y-o-y.

Japan’s nuclear generation increased to 6.4TWh in June, up 39.9% m-o-m and up 129.5% y-o-y. Currently, only 5 nuclear power plants are operational, out of 48. Japan plans to restart 12 power plants by 2025 and another 18 by 2030.

Japan generation 443.7TWh of electricity in H117, up 2.7% y-o-y. Thermal power generation increased to 382.3TWh, up 14.6% y-o-y. This includes coal- and LNG-fired generation, which increased to 139.3TWh and 199TWh respectively, up 18.9% and 17.1% y-o-y.

Nuclear power generation increased to 11.6TWh in H117, up 30.7% y-o-y; although this is still 89.3% lower than pre- Fukushima disaster levels. The nuclear output in H110 reached 108.5TWh.

Japanese renewable generation increased to 45.7TWh, up 13.3% y-o-y. This includes hydro generation, which raised to 37.7TWh, up 3.9% y-o-y. Generation from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable increased to 8TWh, up 38.2% y-o-y.

Source: METI

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