Coal Inventories

Coal inventories at ARA increased to 5.4Mt, up 4.7% w-o-w (18 Sept. )

Coal stocks at the European ARA terminals (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) declined to 5.4m tonnes as of 18 September, up 4.7% w-o-w and were 52.1% higher y-o-y.

Coal stocks at EMO terminal increased to 2.8m tonnes, up 12% w-o-w and up 100% y-o-y. Inventories at the OBA terminal declined by 5.4% w-o-w to 1.8m tonnes, but still were 29.6% higher y-o-y. EBS holds stocks at 300KT, up 36.4% w-o-w and up 50% y-o-y. OVET stocks totalled 280KT, down 17.6% w-o-w but still were 7.7% higher y-o-y.

ABT inventories totalled 240KT, up 9.1% w-o-w but still were 25% lower y-o-y.

More data on coal inventories are available in our inventories section.

Source: Port Authorities

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