Spanish steam coal imports more than doubled in H117

Spanish steam coal imports increased to 1.4m tonnes in June, up 47.6% m-o-m and up 113.2% y-o-y. Colombia regained its position as the main coal supplier to Spain in June, delivering 600KT, up from just 60KT in the month prior and up from 170KT in June 2016. Russia delivered 520KT, up 47.7% m-o-m and up 151% y-o-y. imports from Indonesia declined to 160KT, down 53.7% m-o-m and down 31.7% y-o-y. No shipments from South Africa were reported during the month.

Spain imported 8.4m tonnes of steam coal in H117, up 2.8m tonnes or 52.6% y-o-y. Colombia delivered 2.7m tonnes, up 880KT or 47.6% y-o-y. Russia supplied 2.2m tonnes, up 900KT or 70.8% y-o-y. Imports from Indonesia increased to 1.9m tonnes, up 120KT or 6.9% y-o-y. South African supplies increased to 600KT, up 460KT or 304% y-o-y.

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