South Korean steam coal imports increased in July

South Korean steam coal imports increased to 10.4m tonnes in July, up 2.4% m-o-m and up 13.1% y-o-y. Australia overtook Indonesia as the top supplier in July by delivering 3.1m tonnes, up 25.8% m-o-m and up 16.6% y-o-y. Imports from Indonesia declined to 2.9m tonnes, down 2.9% m-o-m but still were 25.4% higher y-o-y. Russian deliveries totalled 1.7m tonnes, down 6.4% m-o-m but still were 10.5% higher y-o-y. South African supplies increased to 380KT, up 19.4% m-o-m and up 126.1% y-o-y; while imports from Colombia increased to 330KT, down 51.4% m-o-m but still were 15.1% higher y-o-y. 

South Korea imported 71.4m tonnes of steam coal over the first 7 months of the year, up 10.3m tonnes or 16.8% y-o-y. Imports from Indonesia increased to 22.6m tonnes, up 3.2m tonnes or 16.7% y-o-y. Russian deliveries increased to 9.8m tonnes, up 760KT or 8.4% y-o-y. South African and Colombian supplies shot up to 4.4m tonnes and 2.8m tonnes respectively, up from just 330KT and 450KT in the same period last year. On the other hand, Australian deliveries declined to 17.5m tonnes, down 2.6m tonnes or 12.8% y-o-y. 

Source: Korean Customs Service

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