XINHUA: China and African states agreed to strengthen cooperation and innovation on renewable energy

The China-Africa Renewable Energy Cooperation and Innovation Alliance (CARECIA) was established in Beijing on Monday to boost cooperation between China and Africa on clean energy.

Members of the alliance include finance institutions, smart grid providers and core manufacturers in renewable energy.

According to a sustainable development plan, CARECIA will help to establish power supplies and transmission systems in Africa through public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

The alliance will promote renewable energy, said Ding Yuxian of the China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association.

Wider application of Chinese standards in Africa will boost renewable energy in both China and Africa, she said.

“We need to combine resources and investment, and the alliance is a good platform for that,” said Simon Pierre Adovelande, Benin ambassador to China.

He suggested that the alliance start with a few pilot projects, before expanding its influence across Africa.

“For any country to be industrialized, energy is important,” commented Vincent E. Omuse, commercial counsellor from the embassy of Kenya in China.

According to Omuse, Kenya is focusing on solar, thermal, hydro and wind energy. It will welcome Chinese investors into key sectors.

The alliance will focus on the most practical, clean energy sources and on financing solutions.


Source: Xinhua

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