PWCS coal exports expanded in July, up 1.8% y-o-y

PWCS crude coal exports increased to 9.5m tonnes in July, up 20.2% m-o-m and up 1.8% y-o-y. This includes steam coal exports, which increased to 8.3m tonnes, up 21.6% m-o-m and up 0.7% y-o-y. Coking coal exports increased to 1.1m tonnes, up 10.9% m-o-m and up 11% y-o-y.

The data below shows PWCS crude coal shipments during last month as the split between the steam and coking coal exports by destination is not available. PWCS exported 4.7m tonnes of crude coal to Japan, up 18.4% m-o-m and up 10.9% y-o-y. Shipments to South Korea increased to 1.6m tonnes, up 18.9% m-o-m and up 20.8% y-o-y; while dispatches to Taiwan rebounded to 1.5m tonnes last month, up 80% m-o-m and up 82.1%, after June’s deep at just 900KT. Exports to China totalled 1m tonnes, up 59.4% m-o-m but still were 43.3% y-o-y.

PWCS shipped 62.6m tonnes of crude coal over the first 7 months of the year, down 850KT or 1.3% y-o-y. This is due to fall in steam coal exports to 53.9m tonnes, down 1.4m tonnes or 2.5% y-o-y. However, coking coal shipments increased to 8.6m tonnes, up 530KT or 6.5% y-o-y.

PWCS crude coal shipments to Japan increased to 32.5m tonnes over the Jan.-July period, up 2.4m tonnes or 8% y-o-y. Exports to Taiwan increased to 8.2m tonnes, up 230KT or 2.9% y-o-y. On the other hand, exports to South Korea declined to 8.1m tonnes, down 180KT or 2.2% y-o-y. Shipments to China decreased to 7.3m tonnes, down 770KT or 9.6% y-o-y.

Source: PWCS

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