DATA: US steam coal exports in May

US steam coal exports (excluding Canada) totalled 2.3m tonnes in May, down 0.5% m-o-m but still were 222.9% higher y-o-y. US shipments were very low at just 710KT in May 2016. Exports to Europe increased to 540KT, up 19.6% m-o-m and up 42.3% y-o-y. This includes shipments to Europe’s top destinations Germany and the Netherlands, which totalled 370KT, down 66.7% m-o-m but still were 15% higher y-o-y. Exports to the MED increased to 130KT. There were no shipments to the MED area in either April and May last year.


US steam coal shipments nearly trebled on the year to 13.5m tonnes over the first 5 months of the year, up 8.5m tonnes or 170.5% y-o-y. Exports to Europe increased to 5.5m tonnes, up 3m tonnes or 121.2% y-o-y. Exports to Germany and the Netherlands increased to 3.6m tonnes, up 1.4m tonnes or 61.4% y-o-y. Shipments to the MED area increased to 700KT, up 570KT or 433.6% y-o-y.

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